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Best Watersports Destinations for summer

Palau IslandWe are already in summer, and most of you guys are planning their sunny holidays. The world presents a lot of exciting places where you can go and enjoy your holidays.  If you are a lover of water sports, we have compiled for you some of the best places you can go and enjoy the best in your sunny holiday.

Diving in Palau

Palau islands provide a perfect destination for those looking forward to diving this summer. It is a unique lake of particular interest to divers. You can also enjoy a spectacular migration of jellyfish which happens every morning. Moreover, these jellyfish do not sting, diving with them can be very exciting.

Waterski in Lake Powell

Lake Powell is located in the USA and provides a perfect destination for lovers of waterskiing. This human-made water reservoir is the second largest in the United States. It spreads between Utah and Arizona, making it a destination that attracts 2 million visitors per year. Visitors are exposed to various water sports activities including swimming, scuba diving, fishing, water skiing, and snorkeling.

Surfing in the Aleutian Islands

Aleutian island is located at one of the most remote parts of the world and is defined by staggering beauty. There are hundreds of islands formed as a result of volcanic activities that took place across the Pacific Ocean, between Alaska and Kamchatka. When you visit this place, you can enjoy numerous activities including kayaking, hiking, skiing, bird watching as well as well as surfing.

Sailing in Capri, Italy

capriAround the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, you can find many islands. These Islands are covered by smooth pebbles that stretch across the entire beach to protrude from the warm crystal clear waters. Capri is such a great island that is well known for its luxurious villas and steep hill. Despite the expensive lifestyle experienced in this region, there are a lot of free beaches for visiting guests.

Fishing in Hamnoy, Norway

Hamnoy makes one of the oldest fishing villages in Norway. Visitors get customized accommodation in fishermen cabins that were formed as early as 1890. When you visit this facility today, you can enjoy a very cozy stay. Visitors can rent bikes and boats and go fishing or hiking. The village is small and may not be able to provide many activities, but you are assured to enjoy fun outdoor activities and well as enjoying the cultural practices of the Norwegians.

Best waters sports activities to Try This Summer

paddleboardingIf you find yourself in an area surrounded by warm and beautiful waters, then what you should do is to enjoy the best of watersport activities such a place can offer. A family vacation with friends and children is what you need to explore the best of watersports. Whether you want to go on some fascinating scuba diving or explore astonishing marine life and sunken treasures, a holiday this summer at warm tropical waters can you do a lot of good

If you are wondering what water activities to try, here are some of the best for you.


Paddleboarding is also known as paddle surfing. It involves standing on a longboard and using the paddle to propel yourself across a water surface. When getting started with paddleboarding, you can watch a few YouTube clips on how this sport is done to get an idea before getting into the waters. Unlike surfing, you can perform paddle boarding without waves.

Wave surfing and Water skating

Are you are a fan of waterskiing or waterboarding? If you give it a try, you will definitely like the challenge. You can perform water skating with a boat. All you need is to develop a good sense of balance and learn other tricks such as flipping and spinning.

Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is also known as kite boarding and is a sport gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. With this sport, you stand on a small board that is attached to a large kite resembling a mini parachute. The kite catches wind and you go shooting across the water whether there are waves or not. It takes some level of effort and practice to master how to perform kite surfing in the right way.


kayakingKayaks are  faster, lighter and arguably more agile than canoes. There are special models specially designed for anglers. With a fishing kayak, you usually sit on top and have enough space for your accessories such as bait compartment, rod holders and fish finders. Kayaks provides such a safe and economical way to get to where fish is.

Banana Ride

You can enjoy a banana ride with your entire family when you visit places such as Bali. It is a very exciting water sport which kids and adults find to be very funny. A banana ride is one filled with a lot of excitement for your family.