How Often Should Your Company Blog

Starting a blog can be tough. Thinking about what to post and how to promote your content requires a lot of strategic planning. Once crafting content and blogging for towing companies in Athens, it took much of my time to come up with content that resonated and delighted customers. It even gets more complicated when companies have to come up with a schedule on how they should organize their blogs and content.

The frequency of blog posts will depend on what works best for the company. Smaller companies often find success in posting once to four times per week, while larger companies would be required to push out content daily. If you don’t have a clear plan, you might find yourself getting burned out and even releasing content that is not beneficial to your audience.

Gaining Organic Traffic

Blogging is very important for SEO especially if you want to increase traffic to your website. If you are already posting valuable content, it would be important to go back and update your previous content and even boost it. Traffic that comes from blog posts is compounding, and this means it gains organic results over time. It is very important to always update your posts.

Blogging for Brand Awareness

When you are focusing on building your brand, the key to achieve your goals is through content diversification. Think of the ways you can use blog posts to highlight your brand as well as how you can use those posts to tell your audience who you are. Your key focus will be building a voice for your company.

Building brand awareness will give you a chance to offer useful information to your audience. You can use a branded infographic to show important aspects of your business. The success of any blogging strategy lies in proper planning. You may find yourself producing a lot of blogs that are all useful to your customers. Place a key focus on organic traffic because blogging should be a top priority if you are interested in boosted clicks.

Publishing for large blogs

Large blogs that are comprised of a few team members can increase their volumes. Additionally, they should also be wary of burnout and over saturating results of search engines. They should have a goal of publishing their content four to five times a week. Doing so will ensure new posts have time to gain the required traffic and posts are properly updated.

Content and brand awareness are more specialized and are not focused on gaining traffic. Companies that have a high focus on brand awareness should post one or two times a week. For those blogs that have a lot of resources, it becomes easy to set up the frequency of brand awareness posts, more so because large blogs have a decent amount of organic traffic. There will be more room to put a lot of focus on content that grows a company’s brand and provides thought leadership. Starting a blog and keeping it consistent can be challenging and difficult, but in the end, the rewards are huge.

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